Thursday, October 06, 2005


Man, I was THIS close to not even bothering to blog today. I feel like crappity crap crap crap.

I seem to be reaching that apex of symptoms, where you feel like cutting off your nose off just to allow an airway somewhere. But Mr. Blogger made me suck down copious amounts of TheraFlu last night, so here's hoping it kicks in at some point.

Anyway, I lay in bed for a long time this morning 'cause apparently itty bitty jackhammers have taken over the inside of my head. My guess is they're putting in an extra layer of cement in there...heaven knows my brain feels heavy enough.

In no hurry to get up and moving, I decided to watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance that I had taped last night (it conflicted with America's Next Top many reality shows, so little tape left).

I know, I know; I'm probably the only dork who watched this show. Even Mr. Blogger was out by the second episode, and that man watched ALL season of Fame Academy 2003 with me.

(It was a UK show...basically American Idol crossed with The Real can you beat THAT combination?? Oh, how we adored that tiny little lesbian who won.)

I have to tell you though, that anything involved with dancing, or singing, or just performing in general is going to get my attention. I can't remember a time when I didn't do all of the above. All through school, I was in so many musicals. When it came time to audition, I could probably guarantee I already knew the show backwards and forwards, and we probably had the soundtrack at home. Almost everyone in my family was a performer in one way or another, and it HAD to rub off.

I started playing the piano at about 3 or 4 when my Grandpa let me sit next to him at the bench. He could play ANYTHING. And I continually tortured the poor man with "More Rachmaninoff!!", clapping wildly for my favorite piece. When, after I had been playing, competing and composing for almost ten years, he tried to teach it to me...I couldn't apologize enough for picking such a freakin' ridiculously difficult opus.

My dad sang ALL THE TIME. Even when he was a judge, he'd hit the piano bars to perform on weekends. If he knew the words to something, he'd join right in...whether people wanted him to or not. You did NOT sing "The Impossible Dream" in his were guaranteed to have to bow out as he took over. I know I get my VERY LOUD voice from him, that's for sure. I assumed all people sang with such gusto!

Besides being quite the songstress in her own right, Mom was a little prima ballerina when she was growing up...stern Russian Ballet Mistress whipping her legs with a stick whenever she dared to perform without perfect technique. She came to hate it so much though, that she vowed her child would learn an instrument instead. None of this ballet nonsense. (Of course, I immediately begged to take dance classes when I started to feel the same resentment about piano...)

To this day, I'll pop in the CD of West Side Story while driving, just so I can sing all the songs. Of course, I perform every role. I can even do both Maria and Tony WHILE they're singing a duet. Impressive, huh? (But I'm surprised the windows don't break when I attempt Maria's high notes. I'm actually much better in Tony's range.)

Dance, however, is I think the most visceral of anything I attempted. You either feel it or you don't. But come on people, I've got Mexican blood in me...we like to MOVE! When I'm working out...I better have Nirvana's "Nevermind" in my walkman, or it's gonna be one long treadmill run.

So I loved that stupid "SYTYCD" and watched it religiously. I was so jealous of everyone's technique and skill and, try not to laugh, I literally teared-up when some of them were so incredibly good. I KNOW how hard that is to pull off. And I'm glad Nick won. You never know how things will turn out when it's a popularity vote. (I AM SUCH A DORK!)

I soooo would have tried out for some kind of performance reality show if they had been on when I was growing up. Oh well, there's always the next generation.

My poor future children.


Blogger emily said...

America's Next Top Model, I watched it last night and sadly, I LOVED IT! Anyshit, at least you have talent. Everyone in my family wants to be something or everything and NONE of us really have a talent that we didn't work our asses of for. Or more realistically a talent we THINK we have.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Eddy and I are obsessed with America's Next Top Model!! We haven't missed a show yet. We're watching last night's show tonight. =)

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you believe I watched the "dance" show last night! Accidentally found it on the tube and was engrossed throughout. So much more fun than ballet. But, he must have had the training or he couldn't have done so many pirouettes. M.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

Yay! Brooke! Your future children are destined to become performers! Did you know I turned down the chance of a scholarship to stage school? :-(

I always wished for my children to show some desire to perform, but Mr Blogger was the only one who ever did. (Although a couple of the others did get involved in backstage stuff, so I suppose that's something!)

I was stunned to hear about your dad singing 'The Impossible Dream! What a coincidence! It was always my favourite song, and I'd really belt it out (yes, I've got a loud voice, too - 'cept mine's always just a little off key, dammit!) but I could never finish singing it because I'd always be crying by the time I got halfway through! (I'm such a softie!) and anyway, the kids used to beg me to stop. Spoilsports! >:-(

Hope you're feeling better soon. You know, you should be getting yourself fit in preparation for getting pregnant. That's what the doctors recommend these days, not trying to play catch-up once you are! Think of those future stars of stage and screen that you're getting ready to conceive! Get well and get down to that gym! ;-D xxxxx

2:20 AM  
Anonymous KG said...

you have the BEST voice ever, girl!

i have never been so impressed as when we were growing up and you literally OWNED the stage (with bob pederson and/or todd nordahl as your partner, of course!) and nina... always the leads;)... except you were always prettier than nina... he he:P

feel better, chiquita!

6:56 AM  

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