Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think I've been blogging to procrastinate on the cleaning though

First off...


Born to Kiwi and hubby on November 8, 2005 at 9:33 PM.

Kiwi was induced yesterday morning and we waited all day to see if we'd be able to visit the anticipated new arrival, but visiting hours came and went. I guess Mina has already established that she will be doing things in her OWN TIME, thank you very much.

But the flowers and "It's A Girl!" balloon are still in fine shape and will be brought to the happy family today instead. I couldn't be more thrilled for them and to Mina: I wish you a life of much love, health and happiness!!

So until Mr. Blogger comes home and we meet up with Gary, Emily and the wife and others to all bombard the poor child, I have some big SuperWife plans for today.

First, I'm going to clean the house. My mother will attest to the fact that I usually only do this under threat of taking away all privileges and imminent grounding because "I have HAD it with this pig sty, YOUNG LADY!!!"

It's not that I was dirty as a kid, so much as messy. As a matter of fact, my room always smelled of shampoo and bubble gum, so it wasn't necessarily a bad place to be, just full of clothes and books and albums (yes, ALBUMS, you young 'uns) ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

And it made my neat-freak, SERIOUSLY anal-retentive mother INSANE.

She's lightened up a bit since, well, either that or I got neater...maybe a combination of the two.

I have to admit that we do have a housekeeper who comes every couple weeks (feel free to call me a brat, but MB and I both HATE cleaning), but he isn't scheduled until Sunday and I have people coming over tonight!

Hmmm...maybe Mom did have an influence after all.

Then after all that doesn't end there! I am going to make THIS. Yes, I, the Queen of Not Cooking, am going to sit and peel and core and chop apples and it's going to take FOREVER.

But MB got all excited when I showed him the recipe (which I found through John, who linked to Millie, who then brought me to Mrs. DoF). He couldn't let me off with the EASIER recipe for apple crisp...nooooo. He wanted the apple cake dammit.

I have to admit though, that as much as I hate to cook, I have always liked to bake. (Shhhh...don't tell anyone or I'll be forced to prove it with Christmas care packages or something equally against my nature.)

I made my first birthday cake at four-years-old and was forever hooked. I'll never forget: it was cherry cake with pink frosting. Sounds somewhat putrid now, doesn't it? What can I say...I was in love with sugar...and the color pink.

My feeling is that regular food never brings the ooohs and aaahs that desserts do, so if I'm going to even remotely be bothered, it better be for something appreciated!

With the exception of cookies and brownies and the occasional cinnamon roll, I haven't baked anything in ages. Now, however, who am I to deny my husband when he is working so hard these days...making up for the fact that I continue to sit on my lazy ass every day, waiting for the time when the thought of going back to work-related stress doesn't send me into an anxiety-riddled tailspin.

But if it turns out horribly, I'm blaming his not choosing the apple crisp.


Blogger emily said...

firstly, you have famous chocolate chip cookies AND are making an apple cake tonight? that's going to be done by the time we get over there... right?

secondly, CONGRATULATIONS KIWI AND MINA! (even though i'm going to see you before you see this)

thirdly, no seriously, when are you planning on baking this cake? and when should we be expecting our holiday baked-goods gift baskets? (don't worry lissa, we'll email you a picture!)

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why couldn't I have read the scrumptious recipe before I had to start a strict diet! While Ellene was here we dined at the finest places in Tucson, so now I'm paying the price. Incidentally, if it tastes good, nothing is too much trouble.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Brooke! Thanks a bunch! >>;-D You've now forced me to get off my butt and go down the garden to pick up the several pounds of windfall apples I have been looking at over the last couple of days and thinking, "I really should go and get those and make something with them"!

F-I-L was getting bored with apple pie, crumple, sponge, etc. so a nice new recipe was just what I needed!

But I'm in trouble again! WTF is a 'cup' of butter????? How do you get butter into a cup????

Now don't get me wrong, I have learned the American concept of measuring everything in 'cups', and I even have a proper American measure, because, of course, (rolls eyes) American cups and English cups are different quantities! But a cup? Of butter?

Oh, and Mom? Forget the 'Strict Diet'! Brooke? Lend your mom the Paul McKenna book and CD I've sent you, when it arrives!

Oh and, MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO KIWI AND FAMILY :-) Hope it all went well.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Hmmm...I only see a 1/2 cup butter. That is equivalent to 8 TBSP or one stick (hehe!).

Does that help?

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that not only did my precocious little darling bake and frost her own fourth birthday cake, but she did so all by herself. She read the directions, did the measuring, etc. The only thing I had to do was to put it in the oven because it was too high for her to reach. By the way, it looked and tasted perfect; so much so, that when she told her grandparents and father they didn't believe it until I verified it.

12:52 PM  
Blogger emily said...

and yet she's not the domestic diva... interesting.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Nah...just a regular ol' diva! :D

I would like to also report that the cake has been cooling for almost the full necessary 45 minutes now, so I will soon take a taste and see how it turned out.

It sure LOOKS pretty damn good though!

3:43 PM  
Blogger sit-slake-stir said...

Awww! Newborn babies, anecdotes of young girls baking cakes, the thought of baked goods cooling in the kitchen... it's enough to bring a tear to the left hand corner of my right hand eye.

*sniffles* Lissa wants some cake!

Congrats to Kiwi on her new arrival (though I don't know her AT ALL- it doesn't stop me from being happy that someone is touched by a newborn!)

Keep cooking, Brooke!


2:10 AM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

You obviously realised the second 'anonymous' above was me. Just worked out that you have to hit the 'other' button before you put your name in, or it gets wiped :-(

Learning all the time!

(BTW; Still not picked up those apples, and you've baked yours already! :-( )

3:05 AM  
Anonymous kg said...

congratulations to kiwi and baby mina!

brookie, you and i have ALWAYS been in the same mode... BRING ON THE DESSERT! skip dinner, i want cake!

love and kisses.....

9:04 AM  

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