Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Now that would be a good idea...tomorrow, in Spanish!

Because I too want to be a part of the current list-mania taking over everyone's blogs, I have decided to foist one of my own upon you.

But I am going to do one in SUCH a dorky fashion, that I am therefore assured no one will be copying the likes of little ol' me.


A-Z of Brooke's Obsessions, Past and Present

A - Apples
But you already knew that. When they were the mainstay of my anorexic diet, it would take me over an HOUR to eat just one. Hey, when that's all you get, you better learn to make it last.

B - "Bugger!"
Such an awesome British swear word that I have learned to use it all the time. The best part is that Americans have no clue just how dirty it is.

C - Cats
Again, a given. This is currently one of the few times in my life that I don't have one. MB wants one of these (he had two in the UK before he met me). Of course they're something like $1000 a piece. I want to rescue one from the shelter. We have obviously not yet found a way to compromise.

D - Driving
When we go somewhere, I almost always have to drive. I have some weird post-traumatic stress disorder over previous accidents I've been in, when I was the passenger and I WAS THE ONLY ONE HURT. And when poor Mr. Blogger does finally get to drive, I freak out at every little thing. He hates it with a passion.

E - Eau de Toilette / Parfum
(I'm really reaching on that one, I know.) My signature scent for the last year has been Pink Sugar and I think it has something to do with the fact that MB likes anything that smells edible. Seriously, it smells like I covered myself in cotton candy. He also likes me in Angel 'cause that smells like chocolate. Interesting...

F - "Friends"
I must watch this on average of three to four times a day. When you factor in UPN 13 in San Diego and TBS...last night alone, I saw SIX episodes in one day. Mr. Blogger does the same, so blame us both. I think I want this for Christmas.

G - Gervais, Ricky
BRILLIANT, brilliant man. MB and I watched "The Office" when we lived in the UK...RELIGIOUSLY. We even unknowingly bought each other the DVD for Christmas (the exact same DVD set of both seasons plus the Christmas special, mind you...we think so much alike!). It may take some getting used to for anyone used to a laugh track or in-your-face humor, but give it a chance. Oh, and now we're caught up in "Extras" on HBO. Ricky, we shall be the co-presidents of your fan club.

See above and below. Still one of the best places for our favorite shows. And MB likes the fact that, like the BBC, it doesn't have commercials.

I - Izzard, Eddie
I fell in love with this crazy, British, "Executive Transvestite" comedian the first time I saw "Dress To Kill" on HBO, many years ago. Buy it. Rent it. Borrow it from Mr. Blogger and me (we also have other DVDs of his, should you be interested). You WILL thank me. Clever, smart and freakin' hilarious...he just happens to perform in a dress.

J - Japan
Sorry, not the country, the group. You've never heard of them, so don't pretend you have. Well, unless you're British. (I'm sensing a theme here.) By the time I had discovered them in '83, they'd already broken up. But front man David Sylvian still puts out CDs. And when I was watching TV recently and noticed a VERY DISTINCTIVE voice singing a TIAA-CREF commercial...I FLIPPED OUT. That's a true fan.

K - Kids
Both the constant quest to have one of ours, as well as the wish to get to know MB's better. I won't bore you any further with my quest for progeny, but I will say this of the two precious British children to whom I talk on the phone every weekend: I adore them as if they were my own and still feel an immense sense of pride when they ask to speak to me specifically. Little kids speaking in British accents are quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world. And MB's son and daughter are 10 times that.

L - London
Still one of my favorite cities in the world even though it became ridiculously expensive to continue to live there. Theatre, history, shopping, architecture, royalty...who wouldn't love it?

Became obsessed from the age of five when I watched The Double Deckers and announced I would soon be moving. I even carried my Double Deckers lunch box proudly, even though NO OTHER KID I KNEW watched this show. When I grew up and would ask anyone my age if they remembered it, no one had any idea what I was talking about. Until MB. Kismet people, kismet.

M - Mr. Blogger
(DUH!) The reason I live and love and appreciate all that is good. I STILL can't figure out how I got so lucky.

N - New York
See London. But again, a great place to visit although I'd never be able to afford to live there. MB begs to go on a monthly basis.

O - OV Watch
I recently bought this ridiculously expensive contraption, but I NEEDED something to tell me when I ovulate so I don't keep making the same mistake of taking the freakin' progesterone too early. Please keep all lecturing to a minimum.

P - Pizza
I think we could probably eat this every single day (mushrooms, black olives and extra cheese) and not get sick of it. But we don't. Honest. Just every few days.

Q - Queens, Specifically the Wives of Henry VIII
Again, a childhood-induced fascination, thanks to PBS and most specifically Masterpiece Theatre. It wasn't until years later that I realized just about everything we watched was a BBC show first. I therefore trace my first steps toward being an Anglophile to Mom making me sit down every Sunday night and watch more British mini-series than I can count.

R - Red
My favorite color since, well, forever. Surprise, surprise, it's MB's too.

S - Subscriptions to Magazines
I have more than I know what to do with, yet I just get so dang excited when one comes in the mail! MB just surprised me with a year's worth of Marie Claire for my birthday, so I can finally stop buying that one at the newsstand.

T - Travel
We don't do nearly enough, but I am finally going to accompany MB to London in January (haven't been in almost a year-and-a-half now, although he goes every few months to see the kids). Yes, I realize it will be winter. In London. And I hate being cold.

(Like you EVEN had to ask?) My alma mater and the cause of my apoplexy over sports teams. You thought I'd be ok when football season was over? Nope.

V - Victor Jr.
It was to be my name, since everyone just knew for sure that I was a boy. I have felt the cause of their disappointment ever since.

W - Wax
Turns out that my hearing loss IS because of that, so no ear infection as far as I can tell. Yay!

X - X
A GREAT L.A. punk band that I saw perform a number of times. And if "Los Angeles" is ever on the radio, it WILL be turned up to full volume and I WILL dance. In the car or not.

Y - Yoga
Seems as though I only do it when I kick into exercise mode and/or am pregnant, but I really do enjoy it. Trying to think of a "Y" just reminded me of that. I should go pull out my DVD.

Z - Zirconia, Cubic
ALMOST as good as the real thing and who needs to know? When MB and I were in Vegas and had just gotten engaged, we bought a "joke" CZ ring that looked just like a 2 carat solitaire...and everyone kept complimenting me on it! I was too embarrassed to correct them. My actual ring now is an heirloom from my grandmother and is gorgeous in its own right, but we keep saying we're going to get the fake one made with a diamond...SOME DAY.

Ok, looking at the clock, and allowing for a couple telephone calls received in between writing...that took me THREE AND A HALF hours to write. Never doing that again. It's too hard.

How do you people do this? Of course, when I was done, I thought of a hundred other things I should have written about.

Part II tomorrow?


Blogger emily said...

It's called not being so OCD that we end up using letters of the alphabet. It's called numbers. Which allow us to be random. But also allows us to make lists that are way too long that we end up stopping in the middle even when we've already thought of 15 more things we wanted to add.

Why did Lissa. get linked first? That hurts my feeling! SHE copied ME ya know.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

I'm sorry I hurt your FEELING.

I don't know why it came out that way. But I promise to put you first in all future comparisons.

And me? OCD? Never!

1:23 PM  
Blogger emily said...

so what you're saying is that sub-consciously (perhaps even consciously) you just like her better than you like me? Well, guess I can't really blame you there.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Driving won out over Duran Duran! I'm amazed.

No one made you watch PBS. You even watched it Sunday mornings.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

I know, but I figured I'd mentioned the Duran obsession many times over. Gotta give the public something fresh!

9:02 PM  
Anonymous m-i-l said...

I just love that Ov Watch! Aaaaah! :-) Whatever helps!

And as for London in January - we'll do our best to keep you warm! The central heating will be turned waaaaay up just for you (well, OK, and for me! I hate the cold, too ;-D )

And you'll be able to wear the lovely warm coat you left here when you went back to the US.
I don't mind.
I'll give it back.
I honestly don't mind!
I can cope.
I haven't got that attached to it!

I'm not convincing you, am I? :-(

1:21 AM  
Anonymous KG said...

finally! i get to read your blog, girlfriend... it's been a week and i miss it! i LOVE lists, (can you say OCD?)... so reading yours was hilarious and fun... god, it must have been damned hard to do, tho'!

i might try to do one myself and see what i come up with... he he...love and kisses to you and mb...XOXO

8:18 AM  

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