Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Behold the power of...THE MOM

While Mom is taking a nap and Mr. Blogger is not yet home, I'm going to try to dash off a quick, and most likely boring-ass blog entry. Not feeling terribly creative on three hours sleep.

Hey, why aren't I the one napping?

MB and I stayed up until 3:00AM to get everything finished for the Madre de Cleanliness (I don't know enough Spanish to tell you what that would be). Even though she said not to worry about, seriously. If it were YOUR mother's first time to visit your new home and YOU had the most fastidious, albeit newly "relaxed", mother in the world...wouldn't you stay up until all hours of the night?

We then also had to get up way WAY too early, but after I picked Mom up from the airport and we came home to drop off her was ALL worth it.

MY MOTHER, ladies and gentlemen, commented on how CLEAN everything was.


Well, that and she loved everything. The house, our furniture, the Christmas stuff...everything.

Then we went to Souplantation and ate way too much salad (IS there such a thing?) and she hath now pooped out. (We also sat and discussed just how Mexican could we be when she's only half and I can't speak Spanish. It's a long story. Assimilation, culture, the need to define oneself. You know, typical mother/daughter talk. Maybe THAT'S what exhausted her.)

So I have her all tucked in at the moment, but she needs to be up soon for us to go see my brother's family for dinner.

You KNOW the whole reason for this trip was to see the grandbaby. No problem. I can deal with that.


Anonymous KG said...

oh yes, your mom is the QUEEN of CLEAN!!!:)

and the queen of never leaving the house without a new application of lipstick!

and the queen of being a wonderful second "mom" to me... i love her and i hope she has a fabulous trip visiting, shopping etc...

XOXOX and aloha

4:37 PM  
Blogger emily said...

i'm glad to hear that all your hard work and the crap you had to take from us, paid off. then again, you have to wonder if because your mother knew how worried and how hard to worked, if that's why she made it a point to compliment your handiwork... :)

4:55 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

I want to go home and throw up. I've been actively working on trying to make my place habitable, and comfortable for the cat and guests, while you've created a total ambience that is Southern California personified. It shows taste and an eye for style that has to be inborn (obviously not from my side of the family). Brava! Best of all, I feel so "at home." How lucky can a mother/mother-in-law be? Not to slight MB; he has had a hand in all of it too.

Now as to the granddaughter: too precious and cuddly beyond belief! Bravo to her parents.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

I'm soooo envious! :-(
I want to see the new house! I haven't even been sent the pictures I was promised yet! :*-(

2:17 AM  

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