Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two days without a blog!

Well.... Brooke is sick, so this is MB writing a guest blog.

Firstly; No Emily, she is not dead... there is no need to send flowers. I know that because she writes her blog every day and usually in the morning, that as soon as a couple of days pass with...NO BLOG!...people immediately assume the worst!

Secondly; I'm sorry this is so late. (See above comment).

She called Urgent Care yesterday, (while I was at lunch with her step-dad, her brother, his wife and their seven month old daughter),and described the symptoms to them. They said that it sounded like pancreatitis! She has been resting and we have been checking her temperature regularly. I am ready to take her to the hospital if her temperature goes any higher or the pain gets worse.

So, in keeping with tradition, Brooke was unable to come to lunch with her step-dad to celebrate his birthday, (and mine), because she was sick. We also missed the Depeche Mode concert. She did tell me to go without her, but I wasn't going to leave her at home alone all evening when she was sick while I went to the concert! I did however go down to the sports arena last night and sell our tickets; I haggled with a couple of people and managed to get $120 for our tickets :-) I then went to DZ Akins , (a jewish deli not far from there), and got food for the "patient", (if she wasn't vegetarian I could have got her that old favorite "food for the sick", chicken soup!)

Some (small) consolation though: Not going to the concert did enable us to watch the USC vs Fresno State game last night. Both Brooke's brother and her sister-in-law went to Fresno State so we were cheering for them... (not quite as much as we might otherwise have been, as it occurred to us that if USC lost this game they would probably be much more fired up to win in their next game which is against UCLA!) Although USC won...again!... at least it was nice to see THEM have to come from behind for a change.

Ok, I guess that's it for me. Just wanted to let everyone know why you had not seen a new blog here for a couple of days and that I am taking good care of the patient.

"Normal service will resume as soon as possible".



Blogger emily said...

Nice guest blogging if I may say so myself. Although I'm also quite certain that Brooke was in the other room proctoring the content to you. :)

And I'm glad to hear that Brooke's not dead and I don't need to send flowers. That's good because your address is down in my car and I'd have to actually walk all the way down there and then walk all the way back and really, I'm just a little too lazy for that today. And then I'd have to find a nice black outfit that I could probably never wear again... so I'm glad Brooke didn't die and inconvenience me too much.

Although I wouldn't mind more guest blogging. Not that there's anything wrong with Brooke's blogging, I don't want to get in trouble on that, it was just different and fun. I enjoyed it.

7:53 PM  
Blogger John said...

I think it is good that Brooke isn't dead. So yay for that. And I like guest blogging too. It was a surprise. I like surprises. Except for 'Brooke might be dead' surprises. That's no good.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Brooke's M-I-L said...

OMG what an unhealthy specimen she is! ;-D Please give her lots of TLC and some {{{big hugs}}} from me!

Did you get that Echinacea? It's very good for building a strong immune system, which it sounds like Brooke needs to 'boost'.

Do something else nice for your birthday! Don't be too rigid about time, like we told Emily & the wife. Wait til Brooke's better, and go out to celebrate then! :-)

I bet Emily was right about the proctoring from the other room, too ;-D

2:16 AM  
Blogger G/\R*E said...

Good job MB! I think you did an excelent job as guess blogger. Though I am going to say that Emily & M-I-L are probably right about Brooke proctoring the content, or she atleast gave it a good proof reading. Well Brooke, its one more virus/disease you can cross off your list,hope you feel better.

3:08 AM  
Anonymous MB said...

Thank you everyone. It was actually all my own work, although I did have to go and ask Brooke how to do the links. Fortunately she had a very useful document from Emily that I was able to follow...Thank you Emily :-)

Maybe I will do some more guest blogging sometime...."back by popular request"... ;-)

8:37 AM  
Anonymous V-Grrrl said...

Brooke--I'm sorry you're sick but I'm glad if you're stuck in bed, at least you had a manicure, pedicure, and a good wax.

Get well soon.

Thanks MB for the update

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Well done MB; you're the best! Thanks for taking such good care of Brooke.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous kg said...

yay for you, mb! hope our little brookie is MUCH better very soon!

love and aloha...

7:16 AM  
Blogger kiwi said...

That sucks that you missed the concert. I was waiting to hear how it went and if Dave Gahan was still as cute as he used to be. That sucks!!!!!!!

10:41 AM  

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