Monday, December 05, 2005

Jury Doody

Apparently some are decrying my inability to "meet my responsibilities" as a Blogger, so I'm here. I'm pissed, but I'm here. I'm in mourning, but I'm here.

I'm sick as a dog and can't take any cold medicine on the OFF chance that I'm oh, about one day pregnant...BUT I'M HERE.

As far as Saturday goes, well, you must have seen the score by now and there's no point rehashing old pain, fresh in the mind as it may be.

But I would like to say this.

After paying $60 to park and then deal with the asshole Trojans who continually chanted "O-VER RA-TED" at us, I may never go to a game at the Coliseum again. The thing I really REALLY hated is that when we were fucking losing by 66-3 at one point, they STILL felt it necessary (and we're talking people only a row or so away from your face) to point and laugh at you and shake their keys and tell you it was time to go home...and then when you did finally give up and leave, they yelled "AW...where you going? Had enough? HAHAHAHA!".


I can remember, not that long ago, some games where we were skunking the crap out of them, and yet our cheering was not a derision and a literal outright in-your-face attack. It was a CELEBRATION.

There's a difference, you assholes.

I give USC every prop in the world for their team. They win. A LOT. They're obviously doing something right and I can't take that away from them.

It's the fans who can go to hell.

When we were walking back to our car, I was miserably sneezy and stuffy and obviously just DONE, so I held onto Mr. Blogger's arm and had my head on his shoulder for support. We were minding our own business, when some fucker in cardinal and gold yelled at me, "Yeah, you BETTER hang on to him!".

Or WHAT?! You gonna come over here and mess us up or something...because WE LOST? Does that make any sense??? That's my point, how can people STILL be yelling at you when you are NO THREAT WHATSOEVER AND THE GAME IS OVER???

So I flipped him off.

Anyway, "Overbearing in Victory" doesn't even begin to describe it. So I ask everyone here to cheer as loud as you can for Texas in the National Championship Rose Bowl game on January 4th, so SOMEBODY knows what it's like to lose. For once. Goddammit.

Ok, I'm done. On to the Sun Bowl. Yippee.

So today both MB and I had Jury Duty. More yippee. (And, yup, on the same day.) But when the alarm went off at 5:00AM and I still couldn't breathe, I knew there was no way that was happening, for me at least.

MB headed off to fulfill his civic duties and I told him to bring my summons so he could postpone mine. He battled traffic, paid for parking, and navigated his way around downtown San Diego. He checked in, changed mine and sat for Orientation.

Then he found out that you can't serve if you're not a US citizen. Whoops.

Back home he came and back to work he went. So much for all that. But as much as we said this would work out well having it on the same day as we could carpool and keep each other company, it's a good thing I didn't go. He would have had to sit there with me until I was finished, which knowing how my last service went, wasn't until 4:30, when they finally let me go after no one wanted me.

That's what happens when the first question in voir dire is "Who in your family is in either the law, or law enforcement?"

Two FBI agents, a retired LAPD detective and a Superior Court Judge for a dad (for STARTERS) don't get you very far. And yet they keep summoning me!

Good call on inviting a British Citizen there too, oh people of the government.

You must hire a lot of USC grads.


Anonymous mom said...

Perfect closing comment. I recall what your father said when you decided to attend UCLA: "Why would you go to a university where you had to work twice as hard for the same grade you'd get at SC?"

'Nuff said about the relative academic merits of said institutions.

Take good care of yourself. I know MB does his best for you.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

I like your closing comment, too ;-D

It's a shame about the Jury Doody! I thouroughly enjoyed mine, which was an attempted murder, and was at The Old Bailey - top court in the UK!

People in the UK are always trying to get excused Jury Service these days! I think all citizens should do their doody in this respect, or else juries will end up consisting of nobody but retired, unemployed, do-gooders, nutters - yes, they were all on the jury on which I served! (Including me! How many of those categories do I fit? ;-D)

4:03 AM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

Just a thought on your cold / sore throat symptoms: If you want to stay off the 'medication' just in case, get some lemon juice and honey, and make a hot drink. Add a little ginger, clove, and nutmeg. Drink as hot as you can. These things are all 'natural' medications, and shouldn't do you (or your possible one-day-old pregnancy ;-D ) any harm, when taken in moderation!

MB may be the man for the medical stuff, but I'm your woman for herbal remedies!

7:21 AM  
Blogger emily said...

i love that you flipped him off, that's fucking awesome. it's more something i would have thought than done but OBVIOUSLY he deserved it... the whole lot of 'em!

9:15 AM  

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