Tuesday, December 06, 2005

THAT, my friends, is Customer Service

Since Blogger was down most of the afternoon/evening last night, I'm not taking any chances here and plan to type very fast to hurry up and get this posted.

Never did find out what the problem was, but at least it's working...right now.

(And BOYS: look away...nothing to see here...)

Well, I'm not "one day pregnant" because I got my period last night, VERY surprisingly. (I have decided that the Pregnancy Goddesses have deemed it necessary for Emily, her wife and I to ALL BE ON THE SAME SCHEDULE.)

Remember how last month I had a 46 day cycle because of all the progesterone drama? Well apparently my body decided to catch up and try to get back on schedule or something, because I have now ended a 23 DAY CYCLE. Seriously, WTF???

I usually go around 30 days, so now I'm panicking because I am SERIOUSLY messed up.

But what made me really mad was that The Watch said I was fertile, only DAYS ago. Huh?? SO I wrote a strongly-worded email to the customer service department. And you know how I enjoy writing my strongly-worded emails.

To Whom it May Concern:

I purchased your watch last month and even paid for overnight delivery in order to have it in time for this cycle.

My first day was November 12 and I wore it faithfully and according to directions each day. It only finally stated "Fertile Day 1" on November 27, cycle day 16. It additionally stated "OV Day 1" on December 1, cycle day 20.

This had seemed very late for someone with a normally 30 day cycle and I did contact your company by phone on November 23 as I was concerned. I put it through the test mode as instructed and all was operating properly as far as my usage.

Today I have started my period. This is only day 24 for me, so it was highly unexpected. I realize that this is not your doing, but I do have issue with the fact that only today did the watch go back to "Not Fertile"...on the first day of my period?

I had thought things were a bit off when my body felt as if it was ovulating a full week before your watch said so, but given that I spent a great deal of money on your product to read correctly, I wasn't about to go out and spend more on OV sticks.

I now believe your product is faulty and not worth the money I spent. I would like a full refund and wish to know how to go about obtaining one. If I do not hear back from you via email, I will contact you by phone, although the last time I did so, I was on hold for 10 minutes, only to find out that someone would "need to call me back".

This is unacceptable.

I intend to let people know not to purchase this as well. It is far too costly and inconvenient to be this incorrect.

I await your swift reply.

Brooke Blogger

Reply swiftly they did. Amazingly, not even an hour after I sent this email, I received a phone call from their Marketing VP.

I should mention here that this was the same woman who called me about a week after I had purchased it to tell me that they noticed I had done so only days before they came out with a new, more sensitive model. She would therefore be sending me one FREE OF CHARGE, WITH A FREE SENSOR (you get three sensors for three months' worth of readings when you order). She in fact did, and I had planned to use that one next month as I couldn't switch in the middle.

I was impressed. But now I was mad.

So this woman had obviously retrieved my email, looked up my name as a customer and found my phone number to call me, rather than email her reply. And it had to be about 9:30PM on the East coast.

Score one more point for OV Chick.

She was very upset to hear of my situation and she read back some notes she made from our previous conversation (!!!), asking if it could possibly have anything to do with the progesterone, etc. I said that yes, it very well could have, and my being sick may have also affected getting my period so early.

What I took exception to, however, was the fact that the watch should never have read that I ovulated not even a week beforehand. She agreed. She also agreed it was unacceptable.

Additionally, she told me that their customer service line was working on faster response times, so she apologized for that as well.

Since they have a 30 day money back guarantee, I just wanted to get on with it, but she asked if I would do her one favor. Could I give the more sensitive watch that she had sent me a try, for one more month, and if I was still not satisfied, she would extend my warranty and refund me IN FULL. After using their product for TWO cycles.

I couldn't argue with that.

She told me that she just believed in the product so much, and that it had even helped her to get pregnant, so she didn't want me to give up on it. She was VERY apologetic and said if I mailed my original watch back, she would upload the data from the sensor and see if she could gather what went wrong.

(Within minutes of hanging up, she also sent me an email with an address to send it to and a FedEx account number to use so it would be free of charge. Holy moly!)

So I'll give it a shot again. Can't see the harm.

She ended the call with, "I just really want to hear you're pregnant. That's all I care about."

You and me both, lady. You and me both.


Blogger emily said...

See here I was thinking "Thank God WE didn't purchase it" and you have to go and end it like that making me think again, "Well... maybe."

I will admit, being through what I know we've all been through in faulty customer service, that is AMAZING!

Although we'll have issues either way if one of us gets pregnant before the other. :)

3:29 PM  
Blogger John said...

Yay for ovulation tools and their supporters. Nice customer service is always...nice.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

Wow! That's some customer service! No way would you get that sort of service in the UK, however much you'd paid for a product!

I hope the more sensitive watch works out better for you.

BTW, I thought the 'all cycle together' thing only worked in girls' school dorms, or nunneries and the like? Someone must be giving out really powerful pheromones! ;-D

2:35 AM  
Anonymous kg said...

if you are going to be spending that kinda money, then you absolutely deserve a phone call and good customer service...

we're all crossing our fingers and everything we've got for you, honee...

hang in there and give it another whirl.... XOXOX

10:32 PM  

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