Sunday, December 11, 2005

A little ass-kissing never hurt people are NICE. (And I would hug you all if I could.)

Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday, since after perusing yet even more ads last night, I was positively ready to go be a Store Manager at Party City. No joke...that was listed.

(And if you ever wonder why I link so many items that may seem like common sense to you, more often than not, it's for my British Mother-in-Law to know what I'm talking about. Otherwise she ends up Googling things like "Aqua Net". No, really. She did.)

If the links didn't work for you yesterday (Kiwi), the job that I really wanted was as a Copy Editor at Hay House. (The old link doesn't seem to be working today.) I mean, I've read tons of Louise Hay's work, especially You Can Heal Your Life. Don't's good stuff.

Plus we all know what an anal freak I am about punctuation, grammar and spelling (not in blogs, so chill on the pointing out of previous errors). Tell me I couldn't do that job. Well, don't, 'cause I'm sure I'll hear enough of that on my own.

Well, I could do it...except for the part where I can't type all that well, have no qualifications in the arena and have no freakin' clue what the Chicago Manual is.

But I'm pretty sure it's not a companion book to the musical.

The funny thing though, is that when Mr. Blogger was reading yesterday's entry he immediately said, "Hay House! They're one of my customers!"


I may ACTUALLY type up a cover letter with much obsequiousness and begging, and attach it to a resume for him to drop off. He even said he would talk to someone if he could, although I don't hold out much hope. Maybe there's a job being a go-fer or something, and I could work my way up?

Sure. 'Cause life's just that kind. And fair. And I'm sure they'll place the greatest of trust in whom to hire from the man who meets all their first-aid needs. (But thank you for trying Honey.)

A couple weeks ago, I even wrote emails to every private eating disorder clinic/psychiatric hospital in the area to see if there were any clerical openings (again...just trying to work my way up to what I really want to do) and NO ONE WROTE ME BACK.

But after just getting off the phone with a former fellow-Branch Manager at The Company With No Soul, I KNOW I can't do that shit ANY MORE.

It's truly soul draining.

Funny how she just called out of the blue today though...hmmmm.


Blogger John said...

People can be rude. I hate it when I take the time to call someone for X Y or Z, and you never hear back. Also, you can get a GREAT job. DO IT!

4:50 PM  
Blogger emily said...

Working for any company related to that which no soul would be a step backwards, and really, what's the point? and knowing how quickly (and obvious) it was for me to see your talents, it wouldn't take too long for you to work your way up ANYWHERE. personally, i'm not worried about you. not a bit. you've never been one to shy away from a challenge, or be afraid of change.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Melanhead said...

In the words of that Geico commercial Work Out Guy, YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous M-I-L said...

Thank you for all the links, Brooke! Yes folks, I do have to google if she doesn't `:-0

I reckon getting in where you can and working your way up is a good idea, 'cos once you're in somewhere they would soon recognise your talent and move you quickly up the ladder!

You could easily get a job in the area you want! And don't knock the MB connection - you know the old saying, "it's not what you know, it's who you know" ;-D

That Louise Hay sounds really good. I love that quote, "What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us..." So true! Think positive! ;-D

12:53 AM  
Anonymous V-Grrrrl said...

Work matters. Do not settle for less and don't sell yourself short.

How was an English major hired for a banking job to begin with? I'm sure it had to do with your intelligence, personal skills, and potential--not your understanding of banking or your training.

You are older and wiser than you were then and after years in the workplace, have a lot of insight and skills to offer. Never underestimate what you can do or the value that employers put on passion for the job. Passion drives excellence. So does chutzpah.

Pick up the latest issue of More Magazine. It never fails to feature articles on women who have reinvented themselves in midlife. It always inspires me and shows me how circuitous the paths to "success" can be.

People are preoccupied during December and not likely to make decisions until after the holidays. Keep trying and demonstrate with your persistence what a smart and tenacious chick you are. Hey, you watch the Apprentice right? Never say die!

1:19 AM  
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