Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And nothing was ever the same

Miss Keira Lauren Blogger
Born January 30, 2007
6 lbs 13 oz
19 inches

Mommy and Daddy are officially in love with the most beautiful daughter ever to grace the planet and would like to hereby send even more love to those who kept the faith that she would ever make it here.

Now I know what a miracle truly is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picture stealer!

Oh wait. I stole this from YOU.



Don't tell my girlfriend, but I'm totally in love with your daughter.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

So beautiful! Congratulations! I'm so excited for all of you!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Athena714 said...

WOO-HOO!!! Brooke, I am thrilled for you. Keira is absolutely beautiful. May your family thrive and be full of love and happiness.

And try to get some sleep in between feedings!!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this news!

Congratulations and welcome to beautiful Keira! And double extra special wishes to her parents. :-)

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Wow. Seriously. Congratulations. Such great news. Also--adorable baby.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...


Gorgeous, Brooke - just totally beautiful. I hope you and Mister are well and resting.

By the way, now is a good time to stay connected, online, in real life - anywhere. There are so many of us out here to support you and the amazing baby girl you've created!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous wordgirl said...

Holy Cow! Beautiful just doesn't begin to cover it, Brooke! You did a good job and now she's here and I know you're just stunned by the enormity of it all. We're all out here in a cosmic semi-circle waving and clapping for the three of you!

8:05 PM  
Blogger The Queen Mama said...

Oh wow. Congratulations! What a joy. That little nose needs to be tickled, and often. Enjoy.

8:59 PM  
Blogger V said...

OH MY GOD! CONGRATULATIONS! She is absolutely beautiful!!

Now let's just hope she doesn't throw up nearly as much as you had to to get her here! ;)

4:40 AM  
Anonymous mamatulip said...


I was just thinking about you the other day...wondering how you were doing and if you were holding your bundle of you. And LOOK! She's GORGEOUS!


5:56 AM  
Blogger Jeffiner said...

longtime lurker saying congrats! I'm very happy for you. thanks for posting an update. May the profound joy you have for your daughter continue on for a lifetime to come. (I know my does, I've never enjoyed anything more than my son).

9:02 AM  
Blogger MsPrufrock said...

You disappeared for awhile and returned with one of those baby things. Congratulations. She is simply beautiful.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Annie, The Evil Queen said...

That is one beautiful girl. I made my husband ooh and ahh over her. I don't know which of you she resembles, but she's one lucky girl.

Hope you are all settling into a rhythm and getting a little rest. Give her a squeeze and a kiss for me.

10:13 PM  
Blogger Arabella said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You done good, woman!!!

12:27 PM  
Blogger rockmama said...

Congrats on your beautiful little girl! She's precious!

2:46 AM  
Anonymous TB said...

She truly is a beautiful girl. I am looking forward to hearing more about your life with her when time allows. Much love.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Look at her beautiful, perfect face! Congratulations.

8:57 AM  
Blogger #1 Dancer said...

And here I thought my baby was the most beautiful... it's very close! ;-p And I AM one of those people that admits there are ugly babies. She is gorgeous!!! So happy for you. I knew you'd make it!!

11:42 AM  
Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

So glad I stopped by and got to meet the new Miss Blogger!!

Congrats to you all! What a beauty!!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

She's adorable. So happy for you guys!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous V-Grrrl said...

She was born on MY birthday! Woo hoo!

Happy that there's FINALLY a happy ending to all you have been through.

Blessings to you and yours.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Ericka said...

This picture makes me want to kiss her until she cries.

Is that bad?

4:32 PM  
Blogger The Town Criers said...

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations :-) She's adorable.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Melanhead said...

Beautiful, Brooke.

You're sending her to UCLA, right?

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I didn't think she'd ever get here! Thank you for posting this (she's seriously cute). I've been lurking since your most recent miscarriage so this is really coming full circle.

Congrats to you for hanging in there and love to you, Mr. Blogger and bebeh Keira! :o)

10:07 PM  
Blogger Christie said...


6:03 AM  
Blogger Christie said...


6:03 AM  
Blogger little sister said...

Belated congratulations to you and Mr. Blogger!!!

Keira is ADORABLE!!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Just A Knit Wit said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! And I adore her name.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Nina said...

She is one beautiful princess. Congrats and may you kiss her until she can't stand it any longer. Those sweet cheeks just scream to be nibbled.
Enjoy every moment.

9:32 AM  

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